A Beautiful yoongi wallpaper With Cultural References

The Yoongi Wallpaper is a fantastic wall paper that comes with the Japanese art of the Yoongi paintings. This is a background that was used for the art of decorating temples and it shows the form of meditation while the wall is also adorned with various designs that are made in gold leaf. The best part about this designing is that this can be bought from the many stores in the real market. It is a Picture design that is created by combining gold leaf into other patterns and designs. The background was made by the Japanese during the early years of their art work when they were striving to make the best of their natural resources and at the same time create the best masterpieces of art.

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Yoongi Wallpaper – A Beautiful wallpaper With Cultural References

If you are looking for a unique wallpaper with cultural references, then the Yoongi wallpaper is definitely a great choice. This designing is very special in that it depicts the evergreen symbol of the rabbit, which is a loyal companion that represents good fortune in every aspect of life. This designing comes in different formats and sizes so that it is easy for you to download one for yourself and even put it up on your computer. The great thing about this designing is that you can have different designs printed on it, such as the starry night, rainbow, house and palm trees, rabbit and the moonlight, among other beautiful scenes. This Picture design also has embedded in it a small fortune, called the Moonstone, which is a symbol of good luck in the area of love and sex.


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