Donald Trump’s Wall Street wallpapers 2020

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Donald Trump’s Wall Street wallpapers, Rated “Not Recommended” by Wallpaper Reviews Company

The Wall Street Journal has recently begun an article with the title Wallpaper Trump Decorating Bid? In this piece, the Wall Street Journal’s Associate Editor, Jennifer McCann says she’s been “begging” the Trump Administration to “get more Wall Street style,” and that she hopes the Administration will respond negatively to her petition. This is rather funny coming from a Wall Street Journal editorial board, which seems to think that everything about President Obama’s new stimulus package is a complete and utter failure.

Ms. McCann then launches into a diatribe about how President Trump promised to cut taxes, create jobs, and get businesses rolling back in, all of which are also part of the stimulus package. She claims that somehow President Trump’s promise to cut taxes and get businesses rolling again is “just a bunch of nonsense,” and that now is the time to “reealuate” Wall Street with these sorts of policies. She further claims that if President Trump’s tax cuts are passed by Congress, they will not only fail miserably but will be disastrous for this country. Further, she claims that President Trump’s Wall Street wallpapers, which include those of former President Bush, are just the wrong choices, and that it would be a shame if somehow President Bush’s name was attached to something that could potentially lose so much value. One wonders if Ms. McCann realizes that anyone who is actually savvy in Wall Street terminology would immediately spot the obvious hypocrisy in her comment, as it just simply isn’t possible for anything associated with the Bush Administration to lose value.

In fact, the stock market dropped when President Bush left office, and it hasn’t picked up since. If Ms. McCann truly believes that President Trump can fix Wall Street, then perhaps she should start by working on her own financial portfolio, instead of naming the current Administration to the Wall Street wallpapers. After all, they served the same party, after all. Please consider all this. Consider this in 2021.


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