3 Good background Ideas for Your Still Wallpaper iPhone

Nothing can be as awesome as watching live news reports or catching up with an important meeting as you use your iPhone, yet still make it feel just a little bit private and safe. This is where Stills wallpaper comes into play! You can turn your iPhone into a wallpaper that hides the current wallpaper (you’ll know because you’ll see a small arrow or dot on the wallpaper selection screen), but will also hide any other wallpaper the iPhone is currently displaying. How is this possible? You’ll find out in just a second!

Innovative Picture design Ideas For Your Apple iPhone

Stills background for the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Mini is part of the Innovative Wallpapers Collection and can be downloaded free of charge from the iTunes store. You can also get stills background for the Apple iPhone which is a great companion to the device. I recently had the pleasure of using my iPhone while traveling and downloaded stills wallpaper which I could take with me on my trip to Toronto. The wallpapers are high quality and the colors are vibrant. My friends and I looked at the screen of the phone almost every day while we were on the road, and it was great having stills wallpaper to look at during the day as well as on the airplane.

Stunning Stills Background for Your iPhone

Stunning Stills Background for your iPhone, this is some seriously impressive work coming from London-based artist David Ridgley. His Stills series are unique and very popular with iPhone users. I have to say that I’m a huge fan of his work, and I hope he continues to make more. If you like his stills wallpaper and want to see more, head over to his website and sign up for his subscription. You’ll never know when he’ll send you a new one!

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