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Social Wallpapering started several years ago using a Digg-type method to generate a users-edited list of picture pictures, compiled by high quality based on user votes for the most-liked wallpapers. Well, its active community might not be quite large enough to get the most wallpaper pictures sorted that way, though the huge database of available wallpapers at Social Wallpapering certainly makes it worth checking out and constantly updating with fresh new pictures. You can also get to know other users of Social Wallpapering, learn about picture downloading through forums, and even make friends who are into wallpaper a lot more than you are.

Social Wallpapering is a new picture website that lets you create and share your own custom wallpaper pictures with friends and family. The site is constantly being updated with new pictures just like the ones you see here. The website also has wallpapers for each day of the year. Here are some of my favorite pictures on Social wallpapering:

Social Wallpapering is a new twist on desktop Picture designs. It differs from other websites in that it not only provides a variety of pictures but also allows its users to rate the backgrounds as well. The Best background for each user is voted best by the other users of the website. Thus, it allows its users to rate the desktop wallpapers based on what they actually like the best and least. Here is a quick look at the features of Social Wallpaper, which you might find interesting.

Social Wallpapering was first launched a few years ago with a similar Digg-esque strategy to bring together a user-edited list of desktop wallpapers, chosen by fellow users via a voting system. Well, since its launch its community can’t quite be large enough to get the desktop wallpapers ordered that way, but that’s not really saying much – the list of available wallpapers at Social Wallpapering isn’t exactly extensive, either. It does have a lot of superb wallpapers for you to choose from though.

Started many years ago by a Digg-style method to generate a user-picked list of new picture, then organized by quality based on user votes, Social Wallpapering has since grown into an impressive database of pictures of all kinds, submitted by all kinds of people. As it is based solely on users’ votes and subjectivity, the sheer size of the database means that there’s something for everyone. And its community could certainly not be bigger, with hundreds or thousands of new pictures added every day. Here are my recommendations for the Best background of the lot when you’re looking for something new to spice up your system.

Social Wallpapering uses the internet to classify, rate, and share high-quality digital photos for use as customizable computer desktop wallpapers. The most supported desktop resolutions include an assortment of picture sizes from a minimum height and width of 1920 to a maximum of 4500 pixels. You can easily change the desktop wallpaper based on your own preferences. The service provides a huge database including wallpapers with most camera formats, themes, colors, types of cameras, and more. It also allows you to create and share your own personal wallpaper using one of its photo tools.

Top 10 Cool Wallpaper Uses: (1} Social Wallpapering (2) Web 2.0 is widely ubiquitous and so have here an active online community that engage in voting, classifying, rating and even distributing high definition pictures for use as desktop wallpapers. For starters, you can choose a standard format either landscape or portrait. You can then pick your background from any of the thousands of backgrounds currently available via a simple and quick search using one of the many search engines on your computer. You’ll then be given the choice of either using a picture from the Internet, a still from your favorite photo album or a photograph you have taken yourself. Your ultimate wallpaper choice will depend on your personal taste – you may simply want to spice up plain wallpaper or create a designer theme using a selected photograph.


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