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Mike Tyson is an iconic professional baseball player. His professional playing career spanned fourteen seasons, the majority of which he spent with the Texas Rangers. Mike specialized in being an extremely aggressive pitcher and at the same time an extremely fast runner. He holds the record for most home runs in a game (via ESPN) and was one of the best defensive players of his time.

Mike Tyson wallpaper is a very striking image to have in your home, office or just around the house. There are several different styles of Mike Tyson wallpapers to choose from. If you like the simple and clean look of the black and white version then pick up one of those as well. If you would like something more colorful or you want to change the background a little bit then choose one of the many different colors that are available. The only way to truly determine which of these Picture designs is for you is to try one out and see for yourself what it does to your wall or your imagination. Have fun!

Top 10 celebrity wallpapers for the taste of the global masses! This time around it’s the comeback of one of the most popular and well respected personalities in sports, Mike Tyson. The man’s face is plastered all over the place from posters to coffee mugs, everything has Mike’s image on it. Some say he is simply a ‘big shot’ as someone who achieved so much in his chosen sport, yet everyone still knows who he is. It’s refreshing to see a comeback like this; especially when so many other stars have fallen out of fashion. So here are some of our favorite wallpapers for you to choose from:

Mike Tyson Wallpaper

Mike Tyson Wallpaper is the top choice of many fans when it comes to celebrity wallpapers. His music has inspired millions around the world. If you enjoy the way he looks then you are sure to find many celebrity wallpapers of Mike all over the internet. You can choose from pictures of Mike at home or on the golf course, or even his favorite sport, boxing.

Top 5 wallpaper Ideas for Tattoos

Mike Tyson Tattoo is a top notch collection of high quality and unique celebrity wallpapers for the ultimate wall inspiration. With over 30+ wallpapers inspired by Mike’s career, this collection will keep you motivated during the tough times. Each design is available in high resolution download files that can be easily applied to any normal size computer monitor. Available in several different styles, select your favorite Mike Tyson Picture design:

Mike Tyson is an actor, musician, and musician best known for his starring role as a champion boxer in the movie “Yoga” which was made in 1994. To this day many people still remember the film and its memorable boxing match with Buster Douglas. To this date Mike continues to be an icon in both the world of sports and entertainment. Due to this career longevity many people have decided to immortalize Mike’s professional and personal life through the creation of pictures featuring his images. Here are some examples of what some people have done.

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