A Glowing, Natural Painting in the Desert of Wadi Rum

This stunning Kaaba wallpaper was featured in an article in Home & Garden on the Wall Street Journal of May, 2021 by Mike Dillard. The Kaaba Wall is part of a group of Desert Forts and Palaces which are located in the Wadi Rum Mountains of Jordan. These ancient forts were built during the eighth and ninth centuries BC and stand testament to the skills of the builders as well as their understanding of their environment and the need for a high quality wall that would be able to resist the wear and tear of years of warfare and use by soldiers. The wall was also said to have a calming effect on both the desert and its occupants. For this reason, many are trying to obtain HD quality wallpaper at this very impressive and beautiful desert palace.

The ancient wall paintings which are found in the caves of Rajasthan have given a new definition to the work of Kaaba wallpaper. This spectacular desert wallpaper has always been an integral part of desert decoration for homes all over India as it is considered as the epitome of the art of Rajasthan. Although it was only recently that the traditional mode of wall painting had changed, but now the trend has been changed and wall paintings in all their original glory can be found on every nook and corner of homes. Kaaba 4k is one such example and it is not only the work of artists who are proud of their artwork but also the house owners who are using this desert wallpaper in their houses in order to make their home completely unique.

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