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A24 recently announced they’re working on a series based on VivziePop’s viral YouTube show Hazbin Hotel. They want to turn it into a full-fledged TV show.

The show’s main character, Charlie Morningstar, aims to peacefully reduce Hell’s overpopulation problem by opening a hotel that rehabilitates sinners into good people. She hopes that patients will check out into heaven instead of committing mass genocide on each other.

Lucifer Morningstar

Lucifer Morningstar is the King of Hell, a fallen angel who has been trying to make his way back to Heaven to slay his Father. He is widely known for his showman-like, yet childish and outlandish attitude, passionate hatred of God and humanity, sadistic and immature sense of humor, and lust for ultimate power.

He is a master of dark magic and the manipulation of darkness, shadows, tentacles, tendrils, and sentient creatures of darkness, eclipsing even Hell’s most powerful demons in terms of raw power. He is also an expert in torture and tormenting his victims, performing feats such as mutilating their limbs, forcing them to cannibalize themselves, flaying them, removing their eyeballs, sexually abusing them, and cursing them with horrifying visions and constant nightmares.

His ability to manipulate darkness allows him to summon dark vortexes, dark abysses, shadowy tentacles, and other forms of supernatural force, enabling him to perform an endless number of feats without ever having to train. He can also control and manipulate a variety of natural weapons such as claws, teeth, wings, and the horns of his true form to use against his enemies.

As a father, he was extremely emotionally abusive to his daughter Charlie, manipulating her into believing that he actually cared for her. She was even manipulated into watching an Extermination happen when she was a child, which traumatized her.

She eventually moved out of the castle and started to live on her own, but he still saw her mainly as a failure. Whenever they would speak after she moved, Lucifer would constantly mock her for her “failures”, and he even lashed out at her for her idea of making a hotel to rehabilitate sinners.

In addition to being emotionally abusive, he is a self-indulgent and easygoing person who spends his spare time creating wacky inventions and sendingient creatures of his design. He views Hell as his personal sandbox and circus, and doesn’t take anything seriously, preferring to entertain himself with his pranks and insanity.

He was originally portrayed as a shadow that lurked over Charlie’s dreams in VivziePop’s YouTube pilot episode of Hazbin Hotel, but now fans can get a good look at him fully unveiled. In a post on Twitter, creator Vivienne Medrano revealed that Lucifer may be her favorite character in the Hazbin Hotel cast, so check out this gallery of images to see the full-color version of him.

Hazbin Hotel

Hazbin Hotel is a webcomic and adult animated comedy series about Satan’s daughter, Charlie Morningstar, who tries to save the world by opening a hotel for rehabilitating sinners. She hopes that by teaching them how to be better people and redeemed, they will be accepted into Heaven when the time comes.

Vivienne Medrano, the show’s creator and executive producer, has done a good job of enlisting an all-star team to bring her vision to life. The resulting cartoon is snarky and funny, featuring sexual themes and coarse language in a traditional animation style.

It’s an entertaining series that combines visual humor with a musical score. The series is a hit among adults, but it has also gained popularity with younger audiences.

While the show’s main characters – Charlie, Vaggie and Angel Dust – are the central focus, other sidekicks, including Alastor the Radio Demon, have plenty of screen time. The most popular is probably Angel Dust, a tall and skinny spider demon with pink details on his body.

The Hazbin Hotel is one of the most popular shows on the internet, with a large following on Facebook and a devoted fan base on Twitter. It has been described as a cross between The Purge and The X-Files, with its humor and dark undertones.

In addition to the show, Vivienne has released several comics, as well as a spin-off series called Helluva Boss. Currently, the series is available on YouTube and has earned over 79 million views as of February 2022.

VivziePop is currently working on the Hazbin Hotel sequel, which will be available for free on her website in early 2023. The sequel is based on the same concept as the original, but with an all-new cast. It will also boast a sexy looking main character and an even bigger budget.


Vivziepop, err, ahem, has a vested interest in hazbin and she’s not exactly confined to the front door. Aside from her illustrious sexing tamer, she also happens to be an accomplished philiphile who scours the web for all things webcomic related. It is no secret that she is a sucker for the sexiest man on the block. She also happens to be an aficionado of all things music related. Aside from her oh so dapper tamer, she has to be commended for the quality of her outputs.


A24 is an entertainment company that specializes in filmmaking and has produced films such as HBO’s Euphoria. While most of their work tends to be dramatic, they also have a knack for taking a light-hearted approach to their movies. In 2020, they picked up an adult animated series called Hazbin Hotel and intend to turn it into a full television show.

The story of the series focuses on Charlie Morningstar, who is princess of hell and tries to reform people through her hotel. She has the support of her girlfriend Vaggie and pornstar Angel Dust.

After creating a viral YouTube pilot in October 2019, Hazbin Hotel was picked up by A24 and turned into a full series. It has received positive attention from viewers and has garnered over 79 million views as of February 2022. This has led to a webcomic prequel, A Day in the Afterlife; a fully animated music video, Addict, starring Angel Dust; and a spinoff series, Helluva Boss, which takes place within the same universe as Hazbin Hotel.

Vivienne Medrano, who is better known by her online persona VivziePop, began work on Hazbin Hotel in 2016 after she was inspired by the popular Netflix original series, The Purge. She gathered a team of freelance animators and created a full-length animated pilot.

As of now, Hazbin Hotel has been released as a 31-minute long pilot project that can be found on YouTube. The episode has become a hit and has spawned several spinoffs, including Helluva Boss and two Hazbin Hotel webcomics.

It seems that VivziePop is gearing up for the full season of Hazbin Hotel with a new poster and some character images posted to the official Twitter account. In a post, she revealed that the new season will be coming out in Summer 2023.

In this new post, she also unveiled a brand-new character design for Lucifer Morningstar, who is the father of Charlie Morningstar. He appears in a white tuxedo and sits on a red-and-black throne with feathers.

Lucifer is one of the many characters in the Hazbin Hotel cast who fans haven’t seen fully unveiled yet, so it’s exciting to see his design finally make an appearance. He’s been portrayed in a portrait of the Happy Hotel, and he’s been looming over Charlie’s dreams, but now we can actually get a good look at his design.


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