Cool Picture designs of Goddess Annapurna Devi

The life of Goddess Annapurna was so busy, she never had time for the disturbances caused by her divine husband Brahma and his three sons. So it is believed that when Brahma was away on some job, Annapurna had to be by herself and take care of her daughter Karesha. She never complains about the lack of any human companionship but the situation could not have been much better for her if only she had some cool wallpapers of her own. Well, there are many websites over the Internet which offer Goddess Annapurna wallpapers, but how will you choose which one will be best for your computer? Just follow the following tips:

Annapurna Devi is one among the most popular and fascinating characters of Hindu Mythology, having played an important role in both creation and story behind this divine epic. In her life, she also played a significant role as a wife to Lord Indra and being the consort of his son Hydrogen. As a personage of the Hindu mythological characters, she is depicted as beautiful, graceful and youthful, as well as a wise and experienced woman who had gained the knowledge of yoga and other spiritual teachings from the deities. Now in order to bring these wonderful images of Goddess Annapurna, many users are using several online websites which not only provide free wallpapers of her but also a large number of other cool wallpapers of different styles and themes.


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