Experience The Harry Potter Live wallpaper

If you’ve been looking for new and exciting wallpaper ideas, I’m sure you’ve come across the Harry Potter theme. J.K. Rowling’s series of books about magic, fantasy, and the inner workings of the wizards has brought this phenomenon onto the world’s stage, and it’s pretty amazing how quickly and easily the principles of wizardry can be translated into a sort of self-sufficient wallpaper. From pictures of spell casting to magical locations, from broomsticks and wands to the language known as Parseltongue, the background has all been painstakingly designed to recreate these scenes in a non-stop loop that you can change as often as you like and re-install any time you want. Here are some Harry Potter Live wallpaper ideas to give you a jump start on your wall decor:

So you’re wondering how to get the most out of your Harry Potter Live wallpaper experience? You’ve already downloaded loads of free wallpapers but what if you could change the background when you didn’t want it? Well you can now with our free Harry Potter desktop wallpapers and shortcuts to make your PC even more colorful. There are tons of free desktop wallpapers out there but they’re not always very unique or colorful. This is why it’s so important to download a few top quality Harry Potter wallpapers and make the best desktop possible.


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