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Despite his rise to fame, Devin Booker’s origins are humble. As a child, he used to close his eyes and imagine what his house might look like one day.

Now, his Arizona abode reflects the same finesse and fluidity he exhibits on the court. Los Angeles-based mother-and-son design team Kathleen and Tommy Clements crafted the interior of this sleek home.


In the bedroom, Booker goes all out with his lighted shoe rack, which displays his extensive sneaker collection. He also opted for a custom-built bed, which was made to accommodate his height and includes smart blinds for when he wants to sleep in style. This bedroom is definitely the apex of the home’s other rooms, and it’s easy to see why. The space features plenty of modern architecture, as per Hommes Studio, but it’s the leather accent pieces and muted colors that really stand out.

Devin Booker wallpaper is the perfect way to show your support for this rising star, who has already put his name in the NBA record books. With an array of high-resolution images to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your home.

Living Room

In the living room of his home in Phoenix, Arizona, Devin Booker shows off his modern architecture loving taste. The one-story desert paradise features clean lines and natural textures, as per Hommes Studio. The space is a perfect fit for the NBA player, who was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan and has Mexican roots. The living room is where he and his teammates gather to watch games, strategize, and unwind after a long day of practice. It also serves as a gathering spot for Booker’s family members, including his mother Veronica Gutierrez and his uncle.

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Dining Room

Booker has a large dining room in his home that looks like a modern oasis with lots of natural textures and minimal color. The room has an open concept and a great view of the mountains. Clements Design was responsible for designing the space, and Booker says that he wanted the whole room to feel warm and grounded. He also incorporated lots of stone and wood, which is a popular choice for modern homes.

The room features a granite coffee table in the center that is surrounded by a massive sectional couch. This gives the room a centralized feel, and it is a great surface for entertaining as it’s heat-resistant and scratch-resistant. The room is perfect for relaxing and spending time with friends.

When he has his team over, the living room is a hub for them to hang out and talk about games. The room is filled with 12-foot-long sofas and a custom poker table, which is a great place for them to play Booray, UNO, and other board games. This space is a true testament to Booker’s laid-back style and it makes him feel at home wherever he is in the world. It’s also a beautiful showcase of his love for sports and his classic car collection.


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The garage in devin booker wallpaper is where the sports star keeps his expansive collection of classic cars. He loves to ride in them and talk about them with his friends. He dreams of getting a warehouse one day to expand his collection even further.

Devin also loves to entertain his basketball teammates and their friends at home. The living room is where they gather to watch TV and play games. He designed the space with large sofas that can accommodate his team members who are 6’5′′ tall, a game table and a bar next to it for when they all come over for a night of fun.

In addition to the large bedroom in devin booker wallpaper, he also has a big closet filled with sneakers and other accessories. Since he was a kid, he has been a sneakerhead and has a collection of his favorite shoes from 1985 that look like art pieces for him. His closet reflects his choices, style and character. You can find Devin Booker Wallpaper-inspired t-shirts, stickers, wall art, and other home decor in socially responsible ways by supporting independent artists. Every purchase you make helps an artist keep doing what they love. The more you buy, the more you can help them grow their businesses and support their work. Shop today to find the perfect gift for someone you care about.

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