How to Make the Desktop background Change Automatically in Windows 10

Windows 10 has a feature known as Dynamic Desktop, which may make the desktop background change automatically. The feature enables you to select a specific image and set the time of day at which it will change. If you want to choose a new picture every minute, you can set the interval to be one minute or one day. If you want to change the wallpaper every hour, you can also set a custom time in Task Scheduler.

Automatically change your desktop background is a useful feature. This feature allows you to choose the time interval when the desktop background changes. You can set this interval from one minute to a day and choose the number of pictures you want to display. To set a different time interval, you must choose a different folder for your wallpaper collection and select the “Slideshow” option. By selecting an interval, you can set the images to appear on your screen in a different order each day.

How to Make Your Desktop background Change Automatically


If you’d like your desktop background to change automatically, you can set it to do so once or every few days. You can set the time of day and duration for the change, from one minute to a day. In Windows 10, the task can be set to run on a certain interval. To make changes on a specific time of the day, go to the Task Scheduler Library. Double-tap the “Tasks” tab and click the ‘Change’ option.


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