Rubbed Concrete Wallpaper – Tough As nails!

Concrete Wallpaper

The concrete wallpaper, with its plain, elegant, and industrial character, is an excellent way to transform a dull room, be it a den or living room – and at a reasonable price. It adds color and interest while maintaining a sense of structure and solidity. The concrete wallpaper is easy to install, providing a modern and utilitarian effect. They come in a wide range of styles, sizes and textures and are suitable for either exteriors or interiors. These imagess protect concrete floors from stains, dirt and scratches.

When you think of concrete wallpaper, chances are you picture something much different than what actually comes to mind. Rubbed Concrete Wallpaper is an authentic faux finish thick heavy rough textured concrete wallpaper mural which will create the appearance of concrete in rich earthy tones to easily complement your living room, kitchen, dining area or even your bathroom. It’s possible to add interesting textures and colors with this amazing wallpaper that really brings out the natural beauty of concrete. It gives the appearance of high quality paint applied over a base of gravel or stone, using high-end digitally printed wallpaper. It provides a striking contrast to both conventional and more modern pictures.

Having a good concrete background for your walls can do wonders in giving the walls a whole new look, and give a lot of accent to a room. The concrete wallpaper is one way to spice up an empty space or just to spruce up the ordinary-looking walls. However, you have to make sure that the background you choose can be applied to any wall and take it with you when you move. Read on to learn more about this kind of picture.

Go for a concrete wallpaper to add a modern and urban vibe to your living room; opt for a bright white concrete background for the bedroom to give it an industrial feel; or go for a grey wetwall background for a more natural look. As for painting walls, go for a background that won’t cause problems later on like peeling or chipping. Overall there’s a wide array of textures and concrete colours to choose from which will all contribute to a unique personalised stylish urban touch to any room.

How to Pick the Right wallpaper

Go for a concrete wallpaper as a perfect modern twist to your living space; go for a bright white concrete wallpaper to give the bedroom a techno-rock vibe; or go for a dark grey concrete wallpaper to give the living room a futuristic feel. Overall there’s a whole range of colours and styles to select from which will all contribute to a unique urban feel to your interior. With a little imagination and innovation, you can create any room within your house into something different and individualistic. The fact is that the feel of the home isn’t just down to the interiors, but also the accessories, furnishings, lighting, furniture and wallpapers so make sure you take them all into consideration when creating your dream home.

Concrete Wallpaper is a non-porous, durable material which creates an impressive seamless wall surface. Its numerous unique properties make it perfect for adding subtle texture to concrete walls. Manhatten print wallpaper makes it simple to attain your desired appearance. Whether you are looking for a vibrant design, a warm feel or a reflective effect, this unique wallpaper is the answer.

The perfect decorative accent for modern homes or offices, concrete wallpaper adds a real pop of color, texture, and form to any room. The concrete wallpaper, with its stark, clean, and muted nature, is also a wonderful way to instantly transform a dull room, be it a bedroom, den, or living area – and in an affordable way. When choosing concrete wallpaper to accent your walls, make sure the background is waterproof and completely mold resistant; it should also have a good bond with the wall as well as with your bare hands, as when you are taping, gluing or otherwise working on the wall. Good backgrounds will also resist stains and help maintain your walls in tip top shape year round. And good concrete wallpapered walls translate into a concrete tiled floor that will keep that concrete looking good year after year.

When you think of concrete wallpaper, chances are you probably imagine something much different. The real thing may be a bit more boring than you imagine but you should not let that fool you. Rubbed Concrete wallpaper is actually a high quality faux finish high scale rough textured concrete wallpaper mural which will provide your walls with the realistic, raw concrete appearance of dark grey concrete to match your kitchen, dining room or bathroom. If you are looking for a concrete wallpaper with the most realistic colour palette and texture then Rubbed concrete wallpaper is the only wallpaper product that will suit. Made in the same factories as other vinyl wallpaper products, These images borders feature a unique sub texture which will create a truly unique concrete effect.

Rubbed Concrete Wallpaper – Tough As nails!

When you think of concrete wallpaper, chances are you picture something much different. Most people would imagine a thick gritty texture that is meant to resemble crushed stone. This designing is designed to be extremely durable and hard wearing, with a smooth finish to help prevent premature damage from water damage. Rubbed Concrete Wallpaper comes as a high end rough textured faux finish large scale texture mural which is designed to offer your walls the rough unfinished metal raw look of concrete in warm dark neutral tones to perfectly compliment your living room, bathroom or kitchen. The result is an incredibly striking and long-lasting effect that can dramatically change the style and look of your home.

Concrete wallpapers are the perfect way to express yourself through your interior design. You can choose from a huge range of styles such as bold abstract colours, earthy tones and more. If you have a contemporary home then you will find the perfect wallpaper to fit in with the modern look. If you have an old fashioned home then you can choose a more traditional wallpaper to fit in with a more classical style.


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