Chevron Wallpaper in a Touch of French Elegance

Chevron Wallpaper in a Touch of French Elegance

Aesthetically inspired by the painted wooden paneling often seen adorning a beautiful coastal cottage, this timeless classic white wooded Chevron wallpaper  adds a real rustic feel to any room, creating interest and warmth in any room. Versatile enough to be used in any home, kitchen, bedroom or conservatory, these large textured pieces bring a touch of southern France to the home, whilst adding a contemporary flair. Ideal for use on all painted surfaces, these large textured wallpapers can also be used on window panes and even used over wallpaper in small portions to create interesting effects. With a wide range of colours available and an easy application process, these versatile pieces will create any feel of subtle elegance, luxury or country charm desired.

Inspired by the hand-painted wood paneling often seen adorning a beautiful coastal cottage, this vintage-looking classic white wood Chevron wallpaper adds a rustic, authentic feel to the interior of such a delightful, coastal cottage. Like the name suggests, it’s an apt choice for a cottage in the midst of the ocean, whether your cottage is at sea or just on the shore. It adds both smooth lines and a healthy dose of crisp texture creating interest and warmth to any room. You’ll love how this Chevron wallpaper features a variety of different textures from the very start – from the smooth, reflective waves along the border to the beach shaded cliffs and the reflective ridges that line the panels.

When you are looking for the perfect Chevron wallpaper to accent your home, you will discover that there are literally thousands of different options available to you. While there are many different types of Chevrons wallpaper, most people are familiar with the traditional Chevron pattern which is simply a series of straight-edge horizontal lines. However, these lines are not the only thing that are available in this designing, and it is worth knowing more about the other choices that are available before you settle on just one type of picture. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the other options that are available when choosing luxury wallpaper, as well as how some people get around the fact that this designing has a lot of straight lines.

A Quick Guide to Chevron Wallpaper

Before we begin on a short guide to Chevron wallpaper, we must first define this type of picture. This designing is made of textured paper, mostly wheat but occasionally silk, that is woven onto a background, typically a cotton or linen piece of paper. The paper used in making this type of picture is woven around a metal frame that can be plaited into fine yarns. These yarns are then sewn onto sheets that will be used for making Chevron wallpaper.

Chevron wallpaper

If you’re looking for a sophisticated and fashionable wallpaper, look no further than Chevron Wallpaper. The Chevron design is an old favorite in both interior design and wallpaper decorating. The repeating pattern of the Chevron is very pleasing to the eye and will complement any interior style. The numerous styles of chevrons available today provide endless options for those looking for an old favorite with a contemporary flair.

A unique and elegant image, Chevron wallpaper is also known as Antique White. It was created by artist William Chevrette in 1937 and it features a beautiful, intricate pattern that includes alternating black and white stripes. The background of this designing is an abundance of color with gold trim and red accents. This designing adds a touch of elegance to one of your favorite rooms. The chevrons can be found in both a woven pattern and a roller form and it is a type of picture that can withstand high humidity and high temperatures.

Chevron Wallpaper: Classy Wallpaper Choice for Homes

Chevron wallpaper has the distinction of featuring the Fleur de lis symbol of France, as well as a reference to the university at UCLA. This designing is also referred to as luxury wallpaper due to its popularity amongst high-class persons and institutions. The French refer to the symbol as the sign of the purity of the blood. However, this is not what people mean when they use the term luxury wallpaper. Rather, it is because it exudes class, elegance, beauty and style, making it one of the most sought after wallpaper choices in homes all over the world.

Chevrons in Picture designs

The Chevron wallpaper is an old but still popular graphic. Its repeating pattern is very aesthetically pleasing and will match just about any decor. From sharp lines, to a Chevron with leaf patterns, its wide versatility has made it very timeless theme. Whether you are looking for wall decoration, or wall art for your dining room or kitchen, the Chevron wallpaper is a great addition to your home. If you are looking for chevrons in a different size, there are many different options. The size you choose depends on the size of your wall space, the kind of Chevron you want, and the design you want.

Beautify Your House With Chevron Wallpaper

While most of you decorating your home will go for the classy and contemporary look, it’s not bad to also use Chevron wallpaper as decoration. The beauty of this type of wall covering is that it comes in a large variety of colors that can enhance the beauty of any room and even be used to create unusual and fun interiors for your house. To add more value to your home, use Chevron Wallpaper in the spaces between the wall tiles and it would be even better if you could match it with some other colors from the rest of the house. In addition to being elegant and trendy, this type of picture can also be affordable and it’s easier to apply it on walls of your house than most wall coverings do.

Chevron Background for A High Class Looks

Having a classy and sophisticated appearance, Chevron wallpaper is quite popular for kitchen and bathroom designs. Unlike other wallpapers, these are made from synthetic and unique material that provides a unique look for you kitchen or bathroom. In addition, it can last for long years and is environment friendly. Another advantage of using this designing is that it is available in different shades. So whatever type of theme you are applying on your kitchen or bathroom walls, you can make sure to select the right shade for it.


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