Beautiful Broken Screen Wallpaper – How to Choose the Right Wallpaper

All Broken Screen Wallpapers are carefully selected to match your phone. All high definition wallpapers as well as low resolution wallpapers are permitted. With Broken Screen Wallpapers your cell will automatically match the high definition wallpaper without having to pick a different wallpaper from the one you have.

Favorite Wallpaper and background

Everyone can get their favorite wallpaper and background with Broken Screen Wallpapers. These pictures are a great way to spice up any dull cell phone.

Broken screen wallpaper review

If you are looking for a free wallpaper download then check out this review of broken screen wallpaper which has received rave reviews from real users.

Wallpaper is a part of the “Famous Meez

This wallpaper is a part of the “Famous Meez” collection which is one of the most popular celebrity-owned collection of wallpapers.

Celebrity-owned wallpaper

There are many other celebrity-owned wallpaper collections from celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Aniston, David Beckham, and Britney Spears to name a few. Check out my blog where I share my thoughts on these and other celebrity-owned wallpapers and images which can be found in the “Famous Meez” section.

Choose the Best Wallpaper and Make Your Phone Unique and Special Among Your Friends and Family

Want to give your friends or family a little surprise or play on a harmless pranks with your loved ones? Just set any of the Broken Screen Wallpaper HD on your mobile home-screen or self-lock-screen and enjoy the amusing effect of terror on their faces!

Android wallpaper



If you appreciate 3D graphics or hand-painted digital illustrations, then be sure to check out the wide array of Broken Screen Wallpaper for your Android wallpaper and set your favorite one as the default

Personalized on your Android wallpaper

& personalized on your Android wallpaper to make your Android experience all the more amazing. You can even change the wallpaper and apply the new one whenever you like to give your phone a new and unique look.

How to Choose the Right Wallpaper

Beautiful, colorful, and totally awesome, Broken Screen Wallpaper is a great choice for all mobile devices.

Different styles and themes Wallpaper

This is a free wallpaper application that has many different styles and themes, so you are sure to find the perfect one for your device.

Screen wallpaper

With Broken Screen wallpaper, you will be able to add some zing to your cell phone’s look with a fresh new wallpaper. When you want to spice up your cell phone’s look, why not try something different? You can add a unique touch to your phone by choosing a wallpaper that fits your personality and style.

Broke screen wallpaper ideas

Beautiful, creative and functional – what more could a user desire? These days’ computers have various designs and styles, and one of the most popular and useful themes among users is the theme of fake scratches and broken glass.

Computer monitor wallpaper



This theme is very attractive and can really improve the aesthetic value of your computer monitor. If you are in search of an innovative and unusual wallpaper that will completely change the look of your monitor, you should go for the Broken Screen Trendy wallpaper.

Glass wallpaper

You will be delighted to find out that these kinds of scratch patterns and broken glass images can make your monitor stand out with its sparkling features and distinctive style.

Funny wallpaper design for your computer

Beautiful and cool! You can make your own funny wallpaper designs with the use of broken pieces of wallpaper. Broken wallpaper for wall is also known as faux wallpaper, faux film wallpaper, or screen printing wallpaper. Cool Wallpaper For Your Computer screensaver will surely make your PC looks elegant and cool without having to spend too much for it.

Beautiful broken screen wallpaper

All Broken Screen Wallpapers are carefully selected to match your phone. All high definition wallpapers as well as low resolution wallpapers are permitted.

High definition wallpaper

With Broken Screen Wallpapers your cell will automatically match the high definition wallpaper without having to pick a different wallpaper from the one you have.

Favorite wallpaper

Everyone can get their favorite wallpaper and background with Broken Screen Wallpapers. These pictures are a great way to spice up any dull cell phone.

3D Holographic wallpaper

If you have broken screen on your Samsung Series/Pro, you can try out this 3D Holographic wallpaper for free download. The wallpaper has been designed by professional mosaic artists and contains natural earth tones and deep colors to make your old screen look like new again. Enjoy the benefits of having a high definition screen that looks better than its original.

Next phone wallpaper

There are so many beautiful Broken Screen photographs you can select for your next phone wallpaper. This 40+ beautiful Broken Screen photographs wallpaper is simply the perfect palette for your new phone.

Screen photographs wallpaper

All of the Broken Screen photographs are taken by professional photographers using state-of-the-art equipment. These photographs are very high quality and are sure to make a great addition to any phone.

Broken screen wallpaper decoration ideas

Let your imagination run wild with some really cool, and broken screen wallpaper decoration ideas. It’s really easy to get carried away when trying to decorate a room with unique wallpaper designs.


There are so many great designs out there–it’s just up to you to think outside of the box! You don’t have to be stuck choosing between two of the same boring designs;

Broken screen wallpaper

there are endless possibilities with a broken screen wallpaper decoration! Here are just a few ideas that you might want to try out:

Picture of your cat wallpaper

Use a picture of your cat instead of a cat mural; Use a photo of your dog instead of a dog mural; Use an illustration or drawing of something that you own; Or, if you’re feeling really creative, maybe you should use a wallpaper design that you’ve created yourself!

Screen repair – get your broken wallpaper repaired quickly

Have you ever had a broken screen on your laptop screen? If you have, then you know how frustrating it is to have to resort to popping the display screen and begin searching for a replacement.

Stunning wallpaper design

Or if not, maybe you have just noticed that the screen is cracked but don’t have a good way to replace it. Here are some stunning wallpaper design ideas to help you replace your screen quickly and easily.

Desktop wallpaper screensavers

Do you have a background or screen saver that you use once or twice a year? Why not spice things up by using one of your most used desktop screensavers as your wall paper instead?

Amazing grid designs wallpaper

How about a digital clock or one of those amazing grid designs? Whatever design you choose, it will look great hanging on your wall and you can change it whenever you like.

What about wallpaper?

What about wallpaper with a bit of humor? Let’s say you have a funny background on your desktop, such as a smiling Santa Claus for example. You could use that one every time you boot up your laptop.

Laptop wallpaper

Why not use a humorous picture of your cat as the background for the laptop wallpaper? Just put a facecat picture onto your desktop and you’re set. Use a similar theme on the other areas of your home too.

Personalized wallpaper backgrounds

Personalized backgrounds are also great for those of us who prefer to do our own designing. Why not create your own wallpaper border or use a collage of photos to create a funny photo background for your laptop screen? Then save it in a folder, and when you need a wallpaper repair later, you will be glad that you remembered to download this cute little trick.

Default wallpaper for your computer

Don’t forget that even though the screen is broken, it doesn’t mean you have to forego using your laptop! In fact, it is much easier than you might think.


Free desktop wallpaper

Why not download a free desktop wallpaper and set it as the default background for your computer? Many people have the same one on their computer.

Free and easy wallpaper

It may be in a place you can easily find to access, or it may not be convenient to change often. Either way, it is free and easy to do.

Built-in wallpaper screen saver

If your laptop has a built-in screen saver or one that is preinstalled, you can use it to make your monitor the center of attention once again! All you have to do is download one of the many free screen saver applications available for download on the internet.

Background for your desktop wallpaper

Just find one with a large enough screen to fill your entire monitor and then drag the image around the screen to create a nice background for your desktop.

Old model wallpaper

This option may work better for you if you have an old model laptop or older model computer. Older computers have less pixels and a broken screen will look strange when scaled down to fit.

Professional screen wallpaper

If none of these methods work for you, or if you are sure you will never want to use them, you can always consider having a professional screen wallpaper repair service remove it for you.

Damaged wallpaper



A professional wallpaper repair service can help remove damaged wallpaper in your computer in just a few minutes.

Broken wallpaper

You simply drop off the broken wallpaper to their office, and they will remove the wallpaper for you. Some services also offer to send you a new wallpaper if the old one cannot be repaired.

Keeping your computer screen clean for wallpaper

Whatever you choose to do, keeping your computer screen clean and clear is important. Many people do not think about this until their screen becomes broken, but dirt, grime, and dust can cause damage over time.

Getting some quality screen cleaner on a regular basis can be worth the effort it takes to maintain your computer screen.

Hire a professional to repair your wallpaper

Just remember that if you do not want to hire a professional to repair your wallpaper, you can always try to find a different wallpaper to replace it with. No matter what happens, keeping the screen clean is important for the safety and performance of your computer.

Frightful screen wallpaper design ideas for your android phone

Want to give a little spice to your dull everyday life? Create some unusual and exciting surprise with your friends, family or acquaintances?

Wallpaper hd on your mobile phone

Try setting any of the Broken Screen Wallpaper hd on your mobile phone or mobile screen and enjoy the mesmerizing appearance of frightful surprise on their faces! Make your Android device beautiful & amazing with broken screen wallpaper!

Favorite cool wallpapers

Everyone will find their personal favorite cool wallpapers with Broken Screen cool wallpaper. This 50+ Amazing Broken Screen Photos wallpaper is a great companion for your smartphone.


Screen cool wallpapers

All Broken Screen cool wallpapers are high quality, elegant, and unique. Broken Screen is an amazing company located in San Francisco, California. All Broken Screen cool wallpapers were carefully designed to mirror almost all modern smartphones and touchscreen displays.

Cool wallpaper designs for cracked home screen monitors

Are you looking for some funny, spooky, or scary wallpaper ideas for your computer screen? There are a ton of wallpaper decorations that are sure to make your desktop or laptop screen look cracked or broken.

Messed up screen wallpaper designs

Here are a few cool messed up screen wallpaper designs that you could use to give your coworkers and friends a bit of surprise. No matter if you have a real messed up background or a fake cracked image, you will be able to use one of these cool wallpaper images to spook your friends.

Favorite wallpaper

Everyone will get his/her favorite wallpaper and pattern with Broken Screen Wallpaper. They are so much popular that they are available in different colors, themes and formats.

Internet for free wallpaper

When you are searching on internet for free wallpaper, you will come across many sites that offer free download of pictures and wallpaper. Some sites offer free wallpapers in different sizes and widths. This wallpaper will be the perfect choice if you wish to change your old wallpaper and keep your phone same as the old one.

Greatest HDTV wallpaper

If you have your very own HDTV and you have installed the latest and greatest HDTV wallpaper software package, but the pictures that you have captured are not showing up, then you will be able to get around this problem by creating a 3D version of the wallpaper which can be used as a replacement for the broken screen wallpaper.

Different 3D wallpaper designs

There are many different 3D wallpaper designs available on various websites throughout the World Wide Web and luckily, you are really only limited by your imagination when it comes to choosing the right wallpaper design for your TV.

More popular wallpaper

All you need to do is spend a little time looking through some of the more popular websites and select one that best represents what you would like your television to look like.


HD television wallpaper

3D hd wallpaper is not just a silly concept or a gimmick; in fact, it is an extremely easy way to make your HDTV stand out from the crowd, without spending thousands of dollars on HD television wallpaper.

Top wallpaper ideas for laptops with broken screens

When a laptop has been dropped or something has fallen and damaged the screen, most people just pick up another one. While this is understandable, there are some people that do not realize that there are actually many different broken wallpaper ideas to use as a replacement. Sometimes, it may seem obvious that there is already a cracked screen on the laptop, but if you have taken the time to carefully study the screen, there may be other broken wallpaper ideas out there that can help you to replace it without having to buy a whole new laptop. Top wallpaper ideas include:

Free hd wallpaper


Every broken screen wallpaper is just amazing! * Hundreds of beautiful broken wallpaper photo collection is available on site. * You can easily set as desktop wallpaper, mobile wallpaper and even As Wallpaper on your iPhone, iPad or other Smartphone.

Broken screen wallpaper decoration ideas

Damaged and cracked screens can be an eye sore especially if you are in a creative mood or have got an artist’s touch. Instead of wasting all your hard work on finding a solution for the problem, why not create a beautiful background instead? These are just some of the many different broken wallpaper decoration ideas that you can use to liven up the dullness of the screen on your computer or any other mobile phone that requires a wallpaper image.

Break your own screen free with captured wallpaper

Everyone can get their favourite wallpaper and designs with Broken Screen Wallpapers. This 40+ awesome Broken Screen Wallpaper pictures wallpaper is just the right companion for your gadget. All beautiful Broken Screen backgrounds are captured with a high-definition camera to fit your cell. All above and full HD screen resolutions are accepted. Now get yours today and turn your phone or tablet into an adorable photo frame!


Show a Funny Side to Your Android Phone

Want to show some shock or to play some fun prank with your family or friends? Then just set any of these Broken Screen Wallpaperhd on your phone-screen or lock screen and enjoy the hilarious appearance of horror on their Faces! Make your Android device all awesome & cool with Broken Screen Wallpaperhd! This wallpaper is a freeware and you can download it from internet only. You are not allowed to use it on your phone or any other phone. This wallpaper is excellent for various moods & events, festivals, holidays, new year, seasonal, old age, pet dogs etc.

Have you enjoyed these wallpapers?

Everyone can get their favorite backgrounds and wall papers with Broken Screen Wallpaper. Great characteristics of Broken Screen Wallpapers: – Easily add to Favorites – Lots of Free Broken Screen backgrounds to personalize your phone – Different categories to select Support all screen resolutions on any mobile Beautiful and great visual design with an amazing UI style – Full set of high quality Broken Screen backgrounds with amazing photo effects for you. And the best thing is that you get to download them from our website, which is the easiest way to get quality pictures. And if you love these wall papers, you may also buy original artworks of the artists and create your own unique backgrounds using the same techniques used by the professionals!


How to Install Wallpaper For Broken Screen on Android – Important Guide

How to install wallpaper for broken screen on Android? You can easily place an image for the lock screen on your device any way you like – for example, your company logo, your phone’s contacts’ names, or a picture from your desktop. There are the most common wallpaper sizes and styles in your mobile settings.

Fun with broken screen wallpaper

The most common type of wall paper that is used for the computer is the broken screen wallpaper. You may have seen it many times when you are trying to get a new computer setup and the screens keep breaking down. You can select one of those nice pictures for your humorous lock wallpaper and anytime you like, you can replace this broken screen wallpaper with a different theme. There are a lot of different things you could do with the broken screen wallpaper such as changing the locks, having a different theme for each day, having fun photos and more.

Having a broken screen wallpaper

Having a broken screen wallpaper can make you regret your decision to replace it. There are some things you can do to save yourself time and money when looking for the perfect new wallpaper for your plasma TV. You might be tempted to visit your local home improvement store, or look through an online wallpaper outlet, but in the long run, these options may be less cost-effective than going to a plasma TV repair shop. Whether you go to a repair shop or a home improvement store, don’t be in a rush to make a decision. Take your time to find the best broken screen wallpaper design ideas for your TV’s condition.


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