Awesome Wallpaper Design Ideas For Boys

Whether your little guy loves animals, planets, cars, bugs or superheroes, he has probably got a favorite wallpaper image that you can decorate his room with. Choose from awesome array of boys wallpaper themes below. All of cute and fun wallpaper designs are ideal for adding character to a boy’s bedroom or playroom. Whether he loves superheroes, dinosaurs, space, baseball or soccer, he’s got it all covered.

Boys Wallpaper Ideas

Boys are often thought of as notoriously difficult to decorate but with digital wallpaper you can easily create a boys room that looks absolutely fantastic and is also very easy to do! Boys are the sexiest of all and what better way to show them off than with wallpaper that makes them look boyish? With bright colors and simple patterns there are some really great boys wallpaper ideas for you to choose from and these include fans, truck and racing cars, cartoon characters, and sports related themes for boys. The best of all boys wallpaper comes in this category, featuring client’s favorite bands and designers most loved designs by teenage boys for their bedrooms, baby boy’s nursery or playroom.

boys bedroom wallpaper

Every boy needs boys wallpaper. Pick from a amazing assortment of boys wallpaper styles below. All cute and fun wallpaper designs are ideal for adding personality to a boy’s bedroom or play room. Whether he loves animals, dinosaurs, space, sports, pirates or boy heroes, he has it all covered. Personalize his room with these boys wallpaper borders featuring designs that are meant to make his room the most inspiring.

Awesome Wallpaper Design Ideas For Boys

Boys are among the most fickle and creative of all torsos. It is no wonder the vista of boys wallpaper ideas is as diverse as their personalities. Select from cool and terrific range of boys wallpaper designs given below. Whatever room he likes best, whether it is the den, bedroom, or playroom, he has it all covered.

wallpaper for boys room

Whether he loves cartoons, dinosaurs, space, sports or animals, boys just about have it all covered. If your little guy wants a little escape and a place where he can pretend, wallpaper is the way to go. But that boys wallpaper design is best?

cool boys wallpaper

Personalize your boy’s bedroom with some boys wallpaper art. From characters to landscapes to cartoon characters boys of all ages enjoy seeing their favorite cartoon characters in different designs. With boys’ wallpapers you can be as creative as you wish. There are lots of styles that will be just perfect for your little boys’ bedroom. Select from cool and fantastic range of boys wallpaper layouts below.

wallpaper for the boys

All boys love sports, from basketball to baseball, soccer to lacrosse and many more. Every sport has its own wallpaper motif. Choose from a great selection of boys wallpaper layouts that features various teams such as the Chicago Bears, Colorado Rockies, Dallas Cowboys, Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Dodgers, Miami Heat, San Francisco Giants and more. Individually designed and handcrafted wallpapers can be a great choice for a child’s bedroom or play room. Whether he likes turtles, dinosaurs, space, animals or fungi, he has it all covered.

kids wallpaper boys

Another cool wallpapers for boys are the ones with cool themes like animals. Browse through giraffe, tiger, horse, pig, giraffe, dolphin, fish, monkey and many more to find a great design that will be just perfect for boys bedrooms. Finding such cool wallpapers online is easy because of the huge number of websites who sell such cool wallpapers. You can also find cool wallpapers online through search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.

blue wallpaper for boys

Animal wallpaper is another cool choice for boys. Get wallpaper with jungle backgrounds, underwater pictures, or even cute koalas. Some websites allow you to download free wallpaper layouts; however free layouts may not be as good as those that are bought from paid websites. It is best to spend a few dollars to get a wallpaper that is original and not a copy from an old flash movie. Searching through thousands of cool boys wallpaper for guys in 4k and images can be fun but tedious at times.

for the boys wallpaper

Other wallpaper features wallpapers of different sports such soccer, basketball, football and tennis. There are many websites that feature wallpapers of animals. They may be e.g. koalas, dogs, cats, lions, fish, elephants, and other animals.

Wallpaper with sports themed motifs can be nice boys’ wallpaper for boys’ bedrooms. Some sports motifs include soccer, basketball, hockey and football. You can find these wallpaper models in any size and in any color. To add interest to the boys’ bedroom, try selecting wallpaper that includes animals that most kids love to see. Also, these wallpaper models are easy to color.

older boys wallpaper

Another thing you can do to add interest to the room is to select wallpaper with patterns and colours that inspire creativity. There are wallpaper models in almost every pattern and colour combination available today. The advantage of using wallpaper with various patterns is that it encourages the creative urge in children. For example, a simple pattern of flowers can stimulate young minds to come up with wonderful flowers designs, while a colourful wallpaper model of cars can stimulate young minds to come up with amazing pictures of cars.

red wallpaper for boys

You can use these wallpaper models also to replace features on your walls. For instance, your feature wall could have an abstract shape that looks like a dragonfly or a starfish. Or you can replace your feature wall with one of these wallpaper models. It will be easy to find wallpaper models in all sorts of colours and patterns. To make it even better, if the wallpaper does not feature geometric shapes, it will still look good in your room.

boys gaming wallpaper

You can use colours that you love. If your tastes run towards the baby blues, you can choose from hundreds of beautiful baby blue wallpaper designs that feature geometric shapes and soothing pastel colours. For boys, you can choose designs that feature boys’ shapes such as blocks, animals, cars, and sports. Alternatively, for girls, you can go for wallpaper designs in bright, brilliant colours such as yellows, oranges, and reds.

wallpaper for boys and girls

The last thing you want to do with this wallpaper is to distract your babies from watching TV or playing with toys. If you think about it, babies spend more time looking at their environments than adults. If the wallpaper is too bright and distracting, your babies’ attention will wander. What you need is a wallpaper that is soft, cool, and bright colours that will not force them to focus on television, video games or toys. A great choice for this is art wallpaper in soothing tones of beige and pink.

blue wallpapers for boys

Art wallpaper in these warm and cool tones will help you keep your little one’s attention on you. Your baby’s eyes are very powerful eyes are what lead to their visual acuity. Babies need to be exposed to as many stimulating sights and sounds as possible. This is why art wallpaper is such a great choice. These types of wallpapers will provide your babies with a constant source of stimulation and visual stimuli that they simply adore. When you pair that with the fact that they are safe and gentle to look at, you have the perfect combination for a happy baby.

Best Wallpaper Ideas For Boys Rooms

The best boys bedroom wall wallpaper ideas are just thinking about boys wallpaper right now. Most people have thought about boys wallpaper long enough to think that only girls can decorate their rooms once. Let me be the first to tell you that boys don’t like pink or blue, they prefer boys colors: orange, green, yellow, red and just about anything else you can think of. So when thinking about boys wallpaper, you really have some great options. Best of all these look great on boys bedrooms even if you do want them to be gender neutral.

Decorating Ideas For Boys Bedrooms

Boys wallpaper are perfect for making your house feel relaxed and cosy, no matter how much time he is spending in his favorite little bed dress or lying in his favorite recliner. This type of wallpaper is not only great for boy’s bedrooms but can be used for all parts of the house. And boys wallpaper doesn’t have to be boring! You can spice up any room with wallpaper that will make it look like it has been newly decorated.

black wallpaper boys

Your first stop for boys wall murals will be the bedroom. It’s the boys’ room, so you can be as creative as you want to. With the bedroom you can choose from so many different styles and colours. There are lots of wallpaper designs such as nature scenes, super heroes, action heroes, and cartoon characters. You could even have a wallpaper mural of you children dressed up as their favourite film characters or movie stars.

boys black wallpaper

One great idea for boys wallpaper is to create a scene from a popular movie that your son likes. How about having a safari scene from the Narnia movies? Or maybe you can paint an adventure scene from a popular book that your son has read. This will create a fantastic look that you can then use as the background of your boy’s bedroom. It’s the sort of thing that can really help them get excited about being in their own bedroom.

boys football wallpaper

You can also use boys wallpaper as a theme for the playroom. A dinosaur wallpaper mural is probably something that your son would love in his playroom, especially if it’s in the shape of a dinosaur. Mural murals also look great in the playroom because they allow you to express your artistic sense of color. So paint a jungle scene featuring all of your animal friends for the boys bedroom and have them play it along with their friends.

good wallpaper for boys

You can also find wallpaper mural ideas online. If you browse around on the internet you’ll be able to find wallpaper mural ideas for almost any theme that you could possibly imagine. So why not have a look at what’s available online to give your boys room a boost? You might be surprised by some of the awesome wallpaper mural ideas that you can find on the internet.

boys car wallpaper

Boys’ bedroom are generally decorated in the same way as girls’ bedroom is, with lots of wallpaper and a few painted tiles. If you want to add a bit more of a splash of colour to the walls, you could try painting a mural onto the wall. Paint a cute scene onto a bright-colored wallpaper. You could then frame the mural and hang it on the wall in front of the bed.

blue wallpaper boys

Another great idea for boys bedrooms is to get a wall mural printed onto the wallpaper. It’s much easier to transfer wallpaper mural onto the wall as opposed to transferring painted wallpaper onto the wall. Simply use a brush to paint a mural onto the wall using a waterproof solution or you can actually use a sprayer to do the job. Once you’re happy with your wall murals you can then use the same solution or paint the mural onto another wall. If you want to make the wall look a lot more unique you could have a picture framed on the wall and hang it from the ceiling instead of the wallpaper mural.

boys graffiti wallpaper

Boys usually don’t use a lot of pattern on their walls, so this is a good option for you to go with if you are trying to find wallpaper with various patterns. One great thing about wallpaper murals is that they allow you to incorporate a lot of different elements into the room. If you use a pattern with an interesting shape, you can then create a mosaic to add some really interest to the room. Patterned wallpaper also allows you to be a little more creative with your design ideas as well.

Boys Wallpaper Design

Guys wallpaper is fun and fashionable way to decorate your room, there are tons of cool boys wallpaper designs to choose from, they come in different themes, colors, styles and designs. With the internet being so accessible, you can have endless fun browsing through and finding that perfect boys wallpaper design, it’s also really easy to do this, all you need is an internet connection, a computer and some time to find what you want, if you don’t then you can always take a trip to your local wallpaper store and ask one of the clerks what cool boys wallpaper designs they have to offer. If they don’t have anything on hand then they can always make an order for some boys wallpaper design you may be interested in. wallpaper designs for boys are very popular and it’s safe to say that boys are becoming wallpaper addicts.

yellow wallpaper for boys

Boys wallpaper comes in different styles and themes, so you can surely find one that will be perfect for your little boy’s bedroom. From funny to sweet, from cute to cool, boys wallpaper comes in many designs. There are so many fun and exciting wallpaper designs to choose from below. No matter what kind of design your little boy likes, he sure has it covered.

Boys Wallpaper Designs

Choose from such a wide variety of boys wallpaper layouts below. All these designs have the capacity to add a dash of colour to your child’s room. Whether he likes animals, movies, super heroes, spaceships or sports, he has it all covered. He will love his new wallpaper. Best part is that these wallpapers are easily obtainable on the internet so you can change the design frequently.

Cool and Cute Wallpaper Designs For Boys

Every boy should have a boys’ wallpaper design on his desktop, especially if he’s young. Choose from cool assortment of boys wallpaper themes below. All this fun and adorable wallpaper themes are just perfect for adding colorful bags of personality to a boy’s bedroom or play room. Whether he loves pirates, animals, spaces, dinosaurs or football, he’s got it all covered. No matter what room he spends his time in, there’s a wallpaper design that would suit the place. The following designs are very popular among boys.

Boys Wallpaper Design

The best of boys wallpaper is found in this wide variety, featuring many famous, talented designers, who have created some wonderful boys wallpapers that adorn the bedrooms of today’s teens. This collection features boys art, from both traditional and modern wallpaper designers. You will find boys art featuring: animals, cars, sports, jungle, underwater, landscape and much more. You will see the timeless images of Mickey Mouse, Woodstock, Tinkerbell, Superman, Bratz, Tinkerbell and much more. There are also a number of different themes you can choose from.

red wallpapers for boys

If you are looking for a new decorative theme for your boy’s room you have come to the right place. Today we will be discussing what some of our favorite boys wallpaper designs are, along with tips on how to apply them in your child’s bedroom. Boys are by nature creative and if they are given a theme or a color palette to work with they will truly be able to create the most amazing designs using any piece of wallpaper that they are given. Take a look below to discover the perfect inspirational boys wallpaper design that will really make your boy’s room unique and a place he and you can be proud of.

white wallpaper for boys

If you’re looking for the best boys wallpaper ideas to liven up his room, then you’ve come to the right place. With over thousands of designs to choose from, boys will have plenty of things to decorate their rooms around. Choose from cool and playful wallpaper layouts to make a statement in his bedroom. No matter what kind of design you choose, kids love to wallpaper their rooms, so why not let them have a hand on it.

boys 3d wallpaper

Boys are hard to shop for, but with a little effort, you can find boys wallpaper that is bright, colorful and that will look great in their room. Choose from a great assortment of boys wallpaper styles below. All of cute and fun wallpaper designs are just perfect for adding character to a boy’s bedroom or play room. No matter what age or gender, kids love to decorate their bedrooms with cool wallpaper designs that express their personality. Whether he likes pirates, animals, spaceships or sports, he has it all covered.

pink wallpaper for boys

Design a 3D themed children’s room which he will enjoy with huge range of boys wallpaper designs and make an environment which all his buddies will desire to come over and visit. Let your child feel that the world is a magical place where everything is possible, especially when it comes to coloring and creating a wonderful environment. The boys bedroom wallpapers are created in such a way so that the child can make use of all the available spaces in the room. In this way they are able to utilize all the creative potential in their bedroom.

pinterest wallpaper for boys

Boys are always in their most exciting mood, so it’s no wonder that they’re easily impressed by wallpaper designs that are patterned after their favorite sports teams or with colorful patterns depicting their favorite cartoon characters. There are some boys who have a penchant for collecting cars and trains, while others like to collect animals and houses. If your little boy is into pirates, there are some wallpaper designs that are patterned after this famous theme. Other boys’ wallpapers are patterned after playground themes like jungle and farm animals. Whatever boys wallpaper designs your son likes, here are some great ideas to help him decide on what type of design would best fit his personality.

wallpaper for boys kids

Unique boys wallpaper is one of those rare finds that some mothers are willing to pay good money for. I always thought that when my son was born, there would be nothing unique in his room other than me and my husband’s pictures and that boys didn’t like art and creativity. I wish that I had never thought of wallpaper in the first place. It’s just a plain color that doesn’t stand out enough to make your child say “wow, Mommy and Daddy made me wallpaper!” Unique boys wallpaper inspiration had picked up on the wallpaper in our local mall and never pulled the trigger on a boy’s room because we were so obsessed with it at the time and still are obsessed with it somewhere in the home.

black and white wallpaper for boys

If you have a son that is growing up into a man, why not indulge him with boys wallpaper? This will give him a fantastic look while decorating his bedroom. And with the amount of choice on offer you really can be sure of finding something that he’ll love. You should also take into account that there are also many patterns available for boys so you are bound to find something that appeals to the younger boy as well as those that are more mature in taste.

boys space wallpaper

Boys wallpapers are the ultimate way to express your kid’s personality, whether he’s the teenager who loves animals, superheroes, sports, or just funny pictures, boys wallpaper is definitely the way to go. Decorate your child’s room with one of his favorite themes or create a new one based on him. Fun and funny wallpaper designs are just perfect for adding appeal to a boy’s bedroom or play room. Whether he likes pirates, cartoons, space, cars or heroes, he’s got it all covered.

boys star wallpaper

Boys wallpapers come in a wide variety of unique art and design themes. Choose from many fine collection of boys wallpaper themes below. All of cute and fun wallpaper designs are ideal for adding character to a boy’s bedroom or play room. Whether he likes turtles, animals, space, pirates, superheroes or football, he’s got it all covered. So, whether it’s a themed room or simply trying to add a bit of color and interest, let your imagination run wild with exciting new wallpaper ideas for boys.

Boys Wallpaper Designs That Are Cute Oraughty

From the tawdry to the classy, boys wallpaper comes in all types of designs. And with boys wallpaper designs that range from extremely cute to incredibly naughty, they appeal to boys of all ages. Some of the most popular designs include animals such as kittens, bears, frogs, cows, pigs, dogs, cats, ducks, snakes, dragons, horses and zebras. The best of boys wallpaper in this section include clients favourite murals and designers most popular designs for the boys bedroom, teddy boys playroom, baby boy’s nursery or teddy boys games room.

boys geometric wallpaper

Boys wallpaper are just perfect to decorate a boy’s room with. Choose from cool and wonderful variety of boys wallpaper designs given below. All cute and fun wallpaper designs are ideal for adding personality to a kid’s bedroom or play room. Whether he likes super heroes, dinosaurs, space, sports, football or whatever, he sure has it all covered. There are tons of boys wallpapers featuring animals, superheroes, cartoons and sports, which will definitely make him happy and pretty.

neon wallpaper for boys

Boys have everything they need for their bedroom, boys wallpaper comes in a variety of designs to please boys of all ages. Choose from an amazing array of boys wallpaper styles below. All cute and fun wallpaper designs are ideal for adding character to any bedroom or play room. Whether he likes turtles, bears, pirates, spaceships or soccer, boys got it all covered. There are hundreds of awesome boys themes available in the internet, if your boy is not much of a fan of cars, planes, fire trucks then choose some cool wallpaper that reflects his personality. With a unique style, boys wallpaper will bring out a positive feeling in any boy.

boys dinosaur wallpaper

The craze for boys walls is on the rise, with more creative boys wallpaper designs becoming available every day. Many companies have a good selection of boys wallpapers to choose from, each featuring its own style, colour scheme and motif. These companies include Adobe, Colourdream, Cracelor, Enestyle, Faststyle, iStockphoto, Landau, Memento, My Pictures Pro, Pretty Dreams, Scratch, Silhouette, Style My Walls, Unsplash and Woodland themes, to name a few.

red wallpaper boys

Looking for some really cute boys wallpaper ideas? Tons of boys’ bedroom wallpapers are available in the market – from star shapes to animals, sports to jungle, etc. And, they’re all totally free. Cute boys wallpaper ideas can be applied to any boy’s room, whether he prefers colors like orange, blue, red, yellow or green. Here are some of our favorite boys wallpaper ideas that kids can use to add a lot of character and fun to their room:

boys red wallpaper

Creating a fun, stylish room for your son with global wallpaper style. From exciting, colorful dream schemes featuring pirates and robots, to warm, colorful grown-up boys wallpaper for their teenage years, get everything you need to turn their dream bedroom space into reality. From the comfy jungle safari to the dangerous underwater adventure, from the bright, colorful city streets to the snowcapped peaks of the Alps, the variety of themes and color schemes available will make any room a great place to hang out. Whether he’s a boy or a girl, boys wallpaper comes in enough styles to satisfy any taste. Here are just a few ideas.

room wallpaper for boys

A safari theme for boys bedrooms is fun and adventurous. The clean lines and large, bold patterns work well with all kinds of furniture from traditional beds to sleek, contemporary pieces. Choose striped designs for jungle safari themes or get a photo-realistic wallpaper installation done in a realistic scene like Africa. Or create a snow background with a glittery white finish. He’ll love it and Mom will be impressed.

wallpaper for kids boys

Some boys are just not into sports, but they still want a cool wallpaper theme. Go wild on colors like black, red, yellow, orange, purple, blue, green, and more. Mix and match bright colors and patterns in exciting ways. Stripes, squares, dots, swirls, and polka dots, these designs are a great way to combine sports with wallpaper inspiration. For example, add a jagged edge to an image of a football and see how it hangs on the wall.

Boys also enjoy art and drawing, so give them some digital wallpaper inspiration by finding and printing out their favorite images. Make a collage of favorite kids drawings, nature scenes, and even portraits. Then print out the images on a colorful, poster board or large piece of paper. A kids-sized collage is a great way to liven up any boy’s bedroom.

simple wallpaper for boys

Older boys might enjoy painting murals or even designing their own wallpaper. Give him a creative outlet for his imagination that he can show off to friends and teachers. He’ll have fun doing it and you’ll enjoy looking at his masterpiece. Other wallpaper ideas for older boys include nature scenes, comic book heroes, and even an old photo of their family.

boys wallpaper border

When it comes to boys’ bedrooms, most dads do not spend much time decorating. Why not make Dad a little more active and give him some wallpaper ideas? Use his hobby or favorite activity to create a whimsical theme for his walls. Go vintage with wallpaper ideas from a by-gone era. Paint an old train, an old zipper, or even a horse drawn carriage. Make Dad’s bedroom the envy of all of his buddies!

boys navy wallpaper

For older boys, wallpaper ideas can be teenyboppers or rock and roll icons. If he likes a more sophisticated look, choose wallpaper designs with an edge, a little edgy, or bright colors. With a little help from you, he’ll love adding these fun designs to his walls in no time.

wallpaper design for boys

When it comes to boys’ bedroom wallpaper ideas, what could be cuter than pictures of cars, trains, skateboards, or golf? Or maybe a collage of favorite animals, cars, or sports with a twist of color. If your son is into animation or comic books, you might want to go with a superhero theme. There are endless possibilities when it comes to wallpaper designs for boys. Give him his own unique look for the bedroom walls.

pretty wallpapers for boys

Boys are known for having tons of energy, so why not give them their very own unique wallpaper ideas for their room? Go wild and create a mural of the boys’ life from start to finish, including the beach, bike, and whatever else you can think of. You’ll have tons of fun decorating the boys’ room. They’ll be thrilled to show off their new room to everyone, especially their friends.

galaxy wallpaper for boys

The possibilities for boys wallpaper are endless. Whether you’re looking for a fun, colorful, wallpaper mural for a themed bedroom or you’re looking for something more conventional, boys wallpapering boys’ rooms can be fun and exciting. With the right wallpapering tools and a little patience, you can transform any boring wall into a work of art that boys will admire for years to come. Just make sure you don’t use wallpaper paste or crayon on their skin, as those can hurt or irritate the skin of younger boys.

car wallpaper for boys

If you’re looking for wallpaper ideas for boys, search online for websites that feature boys art and wallpaper submissions. There are so many fun designs available that it’s hard to choose just one, so look for several different boys’ themes and designs when you’re searching for wallpaper. And always use safe-flowing water-based paints to apply wallpaper to your boy’s walls – using other types of paint can cause problems down the line. Other than that, enjoy spending time with your boys, playing sports together, and giving them the wallpaper they’re always asking for – theirs is the best!


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