80 Awesome Black Wallpaper iPhone Collection

If you love minimal home screen setups and are looking for some beautiful black wallpapers to use on your iPhone, then look no further. We’ve got a great selection of dark wallpapers that you can download for free.

Apple has introduced new Black Unity wallpapers and watch faces for iOS 16 as part of its celebration of Black History Month. The designs can be found on both the iPhone and Apple Watch.


If you like to gaze at the sky and watch clouds drift by, then these cloud iPhone wallpapers are just what you need. They can help you to feel relaxed and happy all day long!

They are also an easy way to spread positive energy around, so be sure to download them and share them with your friends. They’re free to download and use on your iPhone!

These black aesthetic wallpapers have over 60% of the black pixel percentage, so they’ll look more impressive when used with dark mode. Moreover, they’re optimized for iPhone’s OLED displays, which will reserve more battery power.

Skull and Neon

The best way to spice up your iPhone is to customize the wallpaper with a cool looking image. You can choose from thousands of free wallpapers to suit your taste and style. These images will make your iPhone look brand new. These high quality pictures are sure to get the attention of your friends and family.

This slick looking picture features an impressively sized skull against a dazzling kaleidoscope of neon lights. The lighting on the phone is top notch, and the resulting images are a treat for eyes and ears alike. This photo is one of the sexiest iPhone wallpapers you will ever see. You can download this free iPhone background for your home screen and lock screen. The image is compatible with all iPhone models ranging from the latest iPhone X to the OG iPhone 7.

This high resolution iPhone wallpaper is sure to please any iPhone user. The wallpaper features a black matte finish and is available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. The image size is 2160 x 3840 pixels and it is compatible with all the major iOS versions including iPhone X, 8, 7 and 6. This high resolution iPhone wallpaper will take your device to the next level of elegance.

Street View

Street View is an invaluable feature that lets you explore a location virtually before heading out in person. It can also help you plan your trip, scout out hotel rooms and find parking spots.

Google launched its Street View feature in 2007 and has since captured 220 billion images from more than 100 countries and territories. These images are used to improve Google Maps and give people a virtual tour of any location they’re interested in.

One of the most exciting features of Street View is that you can now travel back in time to see how your neighborhood or office building used to look. Desktop users have been able to do this since 2014, but now, it’s even easier on mobile devices.

To access a location’s historical imagery, tap any Street View image and select “see more dates.” Depending on how far back Google started capturing mapping data for a location, a range of dated images should pop up so you can experience the area as it used to be.


Having one of these little beauties on hand is the sexiest gilating moment of all time for most of us lucky enough to be in the workforce. The next best thing is having a snag free evening to boot. Thankfully, the magic is still intact even after a boozy night on the town. oh and yes, this is still one of our many happy and healthy clients. The next step is figuring out what we need to do to keep the happy ones on task, and the sexiest sexies out of the box!


Sunrise is the most beautiful and relaxing way to start a day. It starts with the earliest glow of night and brightens into a colorful sky, including eye-catching blues, purples, pinks, oranges and crimsons.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a collection of some amazing sunrise wallpapers for your iPhone. Some are simple, while others are more complex, but all of them are sure to delight and inspire you every time you see them.

If you like the look of changing your wallpaper as you wake up, or you prefer a dark home screen, create a shortcut in the Shortcuts app that runs the Set Appearance action each day at sunrise or sunset, or at a custom time of your choosing. You can also set your Lock screen and Home screen to change automatically by using personal automations in the Shortcuts app. To do that, go to the Shortcuts folder in the Files app and create a new folder called Wallpapers. Next, add two images in the folder–one light and one dark. Then, modify the If block in your shortcut so that it uses four Get File actions and four Set Wallpaper actions to set each screen separately.

Sand Dune

The sand dunes of the desert are a sight to behold. The wind and sand have a way of soothing the soul as well. It’s no wonder that they have adorned the top of many a list of cool things to see and do. And it’s no surprise that they have snuck their way into some of the most visually stimulating iPhone wallpapers around. The latest gen smartphone is certainly no exception to this rule. In the spirit of a good time, here are a few of the best. Be sure to tap the download button to save them to your mobile device of choice. Let us know which is your favorite by leaving a comment! We can’t wait to hear from you. We’ll be back soon with more of our finest!


Mountain is one of the most popular backgrounds for iPhone users, and it’s no surprise why. The image is stunning and it will look great on all iPhone models, including the newest generation of OLED displays.

This black wallpaper is perfect for those who love nature and want to showcase their appreciation of the outdoors on their home screen or lock screen. It’s also a fun wallpaper for those who enjoy coding and other geeky activities.

The sand dunes are also a cool feature of this image. It’s a great example of what’s called a minimal vector, and it looks spiffy on the iPhone. It also has over 60% of black pixel percentage, which is a good way to save on battery.

A black and white photo of a crescent moon sitting atop a mountain, in all of its glory, is not the most obvious choice for an iPhone wallpaper, but it does happen to be the most impressive. It’s the smallest and most complex photo of its kind, and it is definitely the best looking. It will certainly be a hit with all of your friends.


Spiderman is one of the most famous super heroes. He was created by comic book artists Steve Ditko and Stan Lee in the early 1960s. His first appearance was in the August 1962 comic Amazing Fantasy #15 by Marvel Comics.

He was the first teen superhero who wasn’t a sidekick, and his origin story is an interesting blend of normal teenage life and a little bit of magic. When he gets bitten by a radioactive spider, he becomes suddenly stronger and more powerful than ever before. He can shoot webs from his hands, climb walls and buildings, and even leap long distances.

He’s an awkward but smart high schooler with money and girlfriend problems, and he has to learn how to deal with being a superhero while also trying to get through college on a low budget and helping his Aunt May after her uncle dies. He’s a hero that everyone can relate to, and he’s a perfect fit for the Marvel Comics universe. Unlike other superheroes like Captain America and Iron Man, Spiderman isn’t too hot or too cold – he’s just right.

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