Bamboo Wallpaper – The Best Wallpaper Design You Can Get

Bamboo wallpaper is made from the upper layer of the stalk of the bamboo plant and features the intricate patterns and textures of the stalk and joints. It is available in different colors and textures. This type of wallpaper is produced by processing the internal stem parts, including the lamellae, which are fixed together on a gauze basis. There are three basic types of bamboo wallpaper: light, dark, and wenge.


The beautiful ivory colour of this wallpaper will go with almost any decor, enhancing the delicate beauty of your interior. It can also enhance a more modern and stylish interior. This type of wallpaper is also known as tortoiseshell, referring to its surface, which is covered with brown spots. If you prefer a more subtle background, you can also find wallpapers in brown, green, and milky tones.

This wallpape is woven from the upper layer of a bamboo stalk. It highlights the textures and patterns of the stalk. It is available in several colors, depending on the process used to create it. The interior stem parts are polished to a smooth surface, while the lamellae are fixed on a gauze basis. There are several types of bamboo wallpaper, which are classified according to their texture and color.


The warm tone of wenge bamboo wallpaper will complement both classic and contemporary styles. Its color is reminiscent of olive, and is calming and reassuring. This type of wallpaper works well with other materials, including wooden floors and indoor furniture. It is also non-allergenic and environmentally friendly.

There are two types of wenge bamboo wallpaper: the inside type and the outside variety. The inside version is smoother and calmer, with a slight ring pattern and a smooth surface. The outside type has a distinctive ring texture that evokes the bamboo plant. Because each plant has a unique shade, bamboo wallpaper is not usually colored or stained.

The adhesive used for wenge bamboo wallpaper is formulated with special glue for heavy materials, so you will need to be sure it sticks to the wall. The wallpaper is heavy, and should be installed one wall at a time. Make sure to adjust the corners properly – you don’t want them to be crooked or uneven. You can remove the glue with a damp cloth or plastic spatula.

Wenge bamboo wallpaper is a unique choice for rooms with natural, ethnic, and natural themes. Its distinctive look will add a natural touch to a room and is a great addition to a jungle-themed bedroom. Because it’s made of split bamboo stalks, it’s non-toxic and environmentally friendly. You can even use it to accent niches, arches, columns, and other architectural features.

The good properties of wenge bamboo wallpaper are its durability and heat and sound-insulating properties. They will last for years, highlighting architectural features while still being a relatively inexpensive addition to your home. Moreover, bamboo wallpaper is very strong and does not fade easily even in the sun. It also has a unique texture, making it a suitable choice for modern interiors.

A good adhesive can make wenge bamboo wallpaper last longer. But a bad adhesive will cause the finishing materials to lose their attractiveness. Bamboo wallpaper needs special glues that are safe for humans, fire-resistant, and environmentally friendly. Bamboo wallpaper adhesive must also be designed to work well with wood coatings. Moreover, the right temperature and humidity will help it adhere to the wall.

Caneplex Designs Bamboo Wallpaper

Bamboo wallpaper is becoming more relevant to the interior design market as it offers excellent properties such as texture and a wide range of colors. Using this wallpaper on your walls can bring a calm and restrained effect to your home while still adding an eye-catching appeal. Moreover, you can use the bamboo wallpaper to create a unique feature wall for your room.

Caneplex Design

The Caneplex Design range of bamboo wallpaper and other natural materials are an eco-friendly way to enhance a room with color and texture. They use plant stems and fibre, including bamboo and other tropical plants like willow and corn. The paper’s appearance is similar to that of a banana, and it feels almost handmade. All Caneplex Designs materials are harvested at a specific time, treated to prevent mold and bacteria, and are also subjected to phytopathological inspection before they are imported.

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