Autobot Insignia wallpaper Ideas – How To Create Your Own Quality Custom wallpaper

Autobot Insignia wallpaper is the latest creation of two California based computer graphics artists, Todd Weiring and Zachary Weiring. The two met in the early 1990’s when they were just 17 years old and this would be their first year working professionally. It wasn’t long after that they were hired by several well known corporations and designers to create all sorts of backgrounds and wallpapers for their computers. They have now created several unique autobot insignia wallpaper ideas which can be used on computers, iPads, and other modern day electronics.

Autobot Insignia wallpaper is a unique and exclusive wallpaper that was designed by Bill Atkinson. This background features a collection of cars, trucks, and other vehicles from the series Autobot. The uniqueness of this background is that it not only has cars on it, but also has robots on it, and even a plane! With so many amazing themes and designs, autobot insignia wallpaper is one of the most sought after digital wallpapers for all desktop computers.


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