Apple iPhone wallpaper Stills – Good background Ideas For the New iOS 14.2

The new iOS 14.2 software update comes with eight brand-new wallpapers for the iPhone, each provided with a light and dark version. Each new wallpaper is curated by iDB’s wallpapers of the Week, and is available for download on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. These wallpapers will be available for your home screen and lock screen for a limited time. Those who already own one of these devices can download them without changing the original one.

Apple iPhone wallpaper Stills – Luxury Background for Your iPhone


The iPhone is one of the few smartphones that allows you to change the wallpaper, which can make it look much more personal. Some Apple iPhone backgrounds are available only on specific models. For example, the new iPad Air 4 has a wallpaper that moves with the swipe of your hand. You can turn on Live Photo to have a new picture as your wallpaper, and you can choose a photo from your camera roll to display as your wallpaper.

Apple iPhone Wallpaper Stills – Get the Latest Background for Your iPhone


Apple iPhone users have a few options when it comes to choosing a background for their devices. The device’s home screen, also called the app screen, is the most obvious choice for a wallpaper, but you can change the default one at any time by selecting it in the Photos app. Another option is to turn on Live Photo, which makes the image appear live when you tilt your phone. Either way, you can choose which image you want to display on the iPhone’s background.


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