apple iphone lock screen wallpaper

If you don’t like the default apple iPhone lock screen wallpaper, you can change it yourself. If the default picture doesn’t look good on your device, you can use an image editor to add text to the picture. Then, you can place the text in the lower-middle part of the image. If the image doesn’t fit the entire screen, you can zoom it by pinching the image. Alternatively, you can upload your own images.

Changing the apple iPhone lock screen wallpaper is simple. You can use the image editor or download a free wallpaper from the internet. Then, scale or zoom the photo to your desired size. If you want to make it more personal, you can add a contact number or name in a small box at the bottom of the image. Place the box above the location where you swipe to unlock the iPhone. This is a good way to show your personality and tell people who you are.


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