Antique Picture designs – A Wonderful Picture design

There are several types of antique wallpaper, but none are more elegant and charming than Victorian and Edwardian designs. Both have dark colors, ornate patterns, and scroll and flourish designs. Both are stunning, but the more regal of the two is the most beautiful and timeless of the two. Here are the most notable and unique styles from both periods. Choose the one that best fits your tastes! Here are some of the best examples of old-fashioned wallpaper.

The first rolls of antique wallpaper were imported to the United States around 1735, but the decorative style didn’t really take off until the 1800s, when they were sold in rolls. Until that time, most of these decorative papers arrived in square sheets, so the design was still in its infancy. The Directoire period was the last of the great eras between Louis XVI and Napoleon, and the art and decor were very grand. Large, scenic papers were popular at the time, depicting historical scenes and mythological landscapes. Some of these were more abstract than others, but most were still pleasing to the eye.


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