Anime Military Wallpaper

Anime HD wallpaper has superbly amazing collection of wallpapered images in various sizes for your personal computer desktop. This background is made by the famous mangaka artist Ume Aida. Ume Aida also drew the original character designs which are used as base images for this wonderful anime wallpapers which are truly excellent and superbly cool! These are the top 10 anime characters that are used for this wonderful wallpaper.

Anime fans, those who haven’t checked out the superb anime series yet, are sure to enjoy this wonderful wallpaper. This background comes in two parts-the anime character wallpapers and the character background. Part one of the two-part series has wallpapers of popular anime girls such as Futon minona, Usagi cover girl, Luka, Rin and Yuuna. While part two has wallpapers of the character poses done in a real life setting.


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