Animated wallpaper Sites

Many animated wallpaper sites exist online. For example, the popular site has thousands of images to choose from, and many of the images can be downloaded for free. Other sites, such as r/, have a huge database of wallpapers, and users can chat with the makers of these backgrounds directly. While these sites don’t have a huge variety, they do have a good selection of high-quality backgrounds.

Animated wallpaper Sites


Animated wallpaper sites are a fun way to customize your computer. You can choose the wallpaper that will best suit your tastes and display it on your desktop. The community behind these websites have figured out conventions for filtering the content. Each post is labeled as either a Desktop or Mobile wallpaper. By clicking a tag, you will only see the wallpapers that fit that specific category. These sites are the perfect resource for animated wallpapers, but if you are not familiar with these communities, I recommend that you check out r/Animewallpaper.

There are many different animated wallpaper sites, and it can be difficult to pick the best one. There are a few different conventions that you can use to filter out the best ones. Some of the most popular are mentioned below. Some are just scans of popular anime shows, but the majority are still a great choice. For example, you can search for “Kawaii” and see a collection of cute and quirky characters.


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