Always On Display wallpaper – A Wonderful Picture design

While the default Always On Display (AOD) wallpaper on your phone is just a black screen with white text, there are some ways to customize it. You can add a custom clock, information, GIF, or picture to the display. Here are some steps to change the background image or remove it altogether. Then, simply follow the instructions below to apply the new wallpaper to your phone. Regardless of which of these options you choose, make sure you follow the steps carefully to avoid any unexpected consequences.

The always-on display feature is the latest trend in Android, and it was first popularized by Samsung with its Galaxy S7. Its never-ending display lets you check the time and see notifications at a glance, and it’s even possible to customize the background. The Pixel 2 XL are the first phones with this feature, but the Pixel 3 XL may be the first device to support it. With the help of AOSP, Google is bringing the feature to the public.

Samsung Galaxy S8 features an always-on display wallpaper. This background has a star field with a colored glow. While pressing the virtual home button, the wallpaper changes to a geometric pattern that surrounds the S8 clock widget and notifications. Once unlocked, the gradient changes back to the same pixelated star field. However, the user will be able to change the color of the background image. Regardless of the color chosen, the screen will still look the same.


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