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Fortune Cat wallpaper is an unique, original animated cartoon Picture designed specifically for use on mobiles. Created by a small team of two children and an experienced professional artist/ animator from Japan, Fortune Cat wallpaper gives your phone a truly unique appearance. The main character, Fortuna, is a cat who lives in an underground home that slowly becomes a part of people’s everyday life.

Fortune Cat wallpaper Decorating Idea


This Fortune Cat Wallpaper Decorating Idea is probably one of my favorites ever. It will give any home that can be added to the decorate a wonderful sense of harmony and tranquility, making it as relaxing as a picturesque scene of tranquil mountain in a faraway land with blue mountains and clear blue sky. The colors used are very soothing and calm, evoking a feeling of deep serenity, while at the same time evoke the bright colors and lively patterns of the fortune cat. You can choose from any of the thousands of designs that this type of wallpaper decoration could have, and make any room in your home the best place you always wanted it to be.

One of the most famous wallpapers in the world today is the famous fortune cat wallpaper. This is also one of the best rated wallpapers to have as your desktop background for you computer. It is a very simple pattern and yet something that is unique enough to be a wall wallpaper. This background decoration is something that is not only good looking, but it is also easy to remove if you wish to change the wallpaper. If you wish to find a good wall background for your desktop, the best one to have is the fortune cat wallpaper.


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