70’s Background wallpaper

The best way to create the ultimate 1970’s style is to use psychedelic, graphic patterns as your background wallpaper. The vibrant colours and geometric patterns of the era are ideal for establishing a connection with nature. You can also use this theme to bring a sense of colour and warmth to your space. Many of the 70s wallpapers were inspired by the flower power movement and the geometric designs often featured brown hues combined with white and yellow. Similarly, teak and mahogany woods were very fashionable and the 1970s look is still one of the most enduring trends in furniture and decor.

The 1970s were an era of flower power and psychedelic graphic patterns, which are still prevalent today. Many of the designs evoke the psychedelic aesthetic of Op Art. Colours and geometric shapes became dominant, and the era also saw the use of garish and vibrant shades of yellow and white. While the psychedelic era ended, the ’70s lasted until the early 1980s, and reflected this by introducing a whole new generation to the Art Deco movement and its influence.


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